A friend of ours had noticed a girl around town for some time. They had no common friends. She kept to herself. And it seemed he had no opportunity to meet her. Finally, he found out her name and phone number through extensive detective work. From what he could tell, she seemed to have similar interests as himself, and felt confident that, given a chance to meet, they would hit it off. He was also reasonable sure that she was discriminating enough not to go for any kind of a "come on." Out of the blue, he decided to take a shot and call her. His premise was that a friend had mentioned her as possible being a good tennis partner and would she like to play. He reasoned that playing tennis would be a good opportunity to meet and see if she was interested in him. Most importantly, it would allow him to get to know her without it looking like a "come on."

In this case, she didn't play tennis and his ploy bombed, but we still gave him an 'A' for imagination and effort.

Often, the situation you are in lends itself to meeting a woman. You work with her. You belong to the same health club. You are in the same class. All these situations require is the ability to simply walk up and say, "Hi." Be warm. Be friendly. Be confident. Above all, appear to be someone who is just a very friendly person and not someone who is on the make. She will remember you and your foot is in the door.

The important thing to remember is that every girl and situation is different. So use your creativity, and remember the two principles of meeting a woman: 1) You must be distinctive and different, and 2) You don't want to appear to be making a "come on."

Sometimes you will have to be spontaneous, so be open and ready for anything. No matter where you are - at work, at play, school, the store - be at your best and ready to meet someone.

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A final point to remember is something you do either before you meet a girl or before you first start dating her. That is, if you see someone that looks like she is interested and you want to meet her, or perhaps you already know her and you intend on dating her, and then find out as much as you can about her. Literally, you develop a dossier on her. How do you do this? You become a detective and search for clues. What kind of a car does she drive? Where does she work? Where does she live? What kind of clothes does she wear? Jewelry? What classes is she taking at school? Does she have an accent? Who are her friends? What sports does she play? Look in the back of her car for clues - a tennis racket, a book, anything.

Every shred of information you can gather increases your chances of success when the time comes to spend time with her. You can tailor your approach to her according to what you have learned. The types of dates you would go on, the things you would talk about, the image you would portray, everything would be affected by what you might learn about her.