SIN #1 - Trying to prove to her that you're more intelligent than her. If you really are a highly intelligent person , just keep it to yourself. Don't try to show how much smarter you are than her.

Now, I realize that a lot of topless dancers lack formal education, their mentality may have been altered by drugs, a dysfunctional family, or they are somewhat naturally stupid. Forget all this and relate to her on her level.

You will be able to communicate with her much better and if you can't carry on an intelligent conversation with her you are off to a bad start. Also, you may intimidate her by putting her intelligence down. She may not care to be around you and just get up and leave.

SIN #2 - Interrupting her during conversation. This is a quick way of becoming unpopular with her and even being disliked. Interrupting her when she's trying to say something is an insult and can hurt her feelings. If you are doing this, it stems from your ego problem of wanting to feel important, to be heard, and to be recognized.

Don't commit this deadly sin and just put your ego aside and concentrate completely on what she is saying. Focus all of your undivided attention on her and don't butt in. Hear her out. If you listen closely enough, you might even learn something of value.