A friend once told us that just as he was getting into the checkout line at a grocery store, an attractive girl walked by him on her way to the produce section. She got in line directly behind him with one banana in her hand. He did not look at her until his food was being checked through.

He looked at the girl and said, "One banana?"

She shrugged her shoulders, not really giving an explanation, as she found herself on the spot.

Just then, the attractive checkout girl said, "Will that be all for you?"

He looked at the checkout girls and said, "No." Then, looking at the girl behind him, he picked up the banana, put it on the scale, and said, "Let me get that for you."

The checkout girl rang it into his total, and he paid the bill. The checkout girls were in stitches at the spontaneity of the event. The girl was stammering at such an unexpected gesture. Even a young woman back in line was watching and laughing with approval of someone being so friendly, witty, and original. At this point, our friend turned to accept the girl's thanks, then turned back to the checkout girl and gave her a smile, acknowledged the young woman's verbal appreciation of his gallantry, and finally, gathered his groceries to make a slow exit, so no one would think that he was trying to chase down the girl with the banana to put the hustle on her.

He got three girls' undivided attention and interest, and it cost him a total of 13 cents. A spontaneous action that told three girls that he is an interesting, clever person that they would like to meet.