Small Talk

Usually, at this early stage of the encounter, you are engaged in small talk, and just about anything is O.K. so long as it flows. It is usually not a good idea to rush into a personal approach right after meeting the girl, particularly if she hasn't warmed to you. You do not know each other well enough yet. That is why small talk should be I used for a while as a transition. You should try to spend some time just chatting casually while you become better acquainted.

This is where feedback is important. The girl may show a warm response to you very early in the encounter. Then you can advance out of small talk and right into a more personal line of conversation. Of course compliments and small talk can be worked into the conversation again, at later times in the encounter, whenever it is appropriate to do so. But a word of warning: Don't engage in conversation for a long period of time, talking only small talk. The girl may find you boring. Your feedback should tell you when it is time to become more personal.