Here are some tips on talking to topless dancers when you go to topless clubs

Animate Your Listening

She can't read your mind, but she can read your face to get a clue of your reactions. Look at yourself in a mirror and imagine things that make you sad, happy, astonished, shocked. Exaggerate your expressions - try so hard that every facial muscle feels strained!

Experiment with every feeling you think may come up in a conversation - respect, admiration, sympathy. As you become more used to expressing your emotions this way, you will feel less as though you are overdoing it, and you will better convey your feelings.

Learn To Change The Topic

Learning how to gracefully change the topic is one of the best ways of keeping a conversation going. It also provides an opportunity for you and her to find areas of mutual interest.

A Flowing Conversation

A good conversation flows in and out of several topics. People jump from point to point. A remark may spur a recollection about a completely different matter. Then the talk may naturally flow back to the original topic. You shouldn't feel that you have to completely exhaust all the possibilities of one topic before proceeding to the next.