Treat Her With Dignity

I know topless bars have a bad reputation and the girls get a bad rap. Some people think topless dancers are nothing but a bunch of whores and prostitutes. If this is what you think of these women, you had better change your attitude in a hurry. The dancers will pick up on your attitude by the way you treat them.

The vast majority of topless dancers you will run into are not prostitutes or whores. They are only dancers making a living by taking off their clothes. Don't hold it against her because she's trying to make a living by taking her clothes off in front of a bunch of lust-hungry horny men. They have bills to pay just like you. What I'm trying to say is treat these women with respect and dignity. Always be a perfect gentleman. Believe me, she will notice these little things and it will make a good impression on her. Even though they are a topless dancer, they still like to be treated as a lady and not as a piece of meat or as a sex object. They still have a lot of pride.

Always treat them as you would like to be treated. Don't ever be rude to her even if she gives you cause to be rude to her. If she makes any smart or rude comments towards you, just ignore it. You're not there to make enemies, you're there to make friends and turn that friendship into a love affair or sexual encounter.

If you treat a dancer like shit, she will never forget it. Plus, she may tell the other dancers what an asshole you are. Also, she may tell the bouncer and have your ass thrown out of the club. Always be on your best behavior and charm. It always pays off in the long run.