What do you wear to a topless club? You dress to impress, that's what. When a topless dancer first sees you she is impressed by how you look and what you're wearing. First impressions are very important and you want to make a good first impression. You can do this by wearing something that she is attracted to and you want to stand out from the other guys that are dressed like slobs or old men. So where do you find some up-to-date fashionable clothes to impress topless dancers? Your best source is from a catalog called International Male. Call them at 1-800-293-9333 for a free catalog. I ordered all my clothes for going to topless clubs from them. I always get tons of compliments on my clothes from the dancers. These fashions really impress the dancers and help to attract them like crazy. Believe me, there's a lot of truth to the old saying, "Clothes make the man." You can also get fashion ideas from GQ Magazine which is on your local magazine rack. Also, Esquire Magazine, and Playboy. Pay attention to how the male models are dressed that are 35 to 60 years old and try to dress like them.

Why do you need to be a sharp dresser? Because most of the topless dancers are young and they are infatuated with clothes. Her world revolves around clothes and she's always talking about them, shopping for them, and reading about them and she has an appreciation for a man who wears them well and looks his best.

Choose the colors that you look best in and if you don't know, ask women, they will know what becomes you. Don't go to a topless club over-dressed. You will appear to the dancers that you're stuffy. You want them to feel relaxed and casual around you.

You don’t want to make a fool out of yourself and turn the younger dancers off. They will secretly ridicule you behind your back. Dress for your age group. Here are some dressing taboos for topless clubs:

1. Avoid looking like her Daddy. Don't wear bright colors or anything polyester.
2. Avoid cowboy boots, ball caps, hush puppies, golf shoes, suspenders, sweaters with buttons on the front, pattern or plaid pants or jackets, bell-bottomed pants, loud ties, glasses, tie clasps or tacks, wear nothing that's a throw-back to the 60's and 70's, shirt pocket pen holders, Hawaiian shirts, or shirts unbuttoned down your chest.
3. A word about jewelry. Don't wear gold chains around your neck, gaudy watches and rings, gold bracelets, or calculator watches.