We believe this is one of the most important preparations a man should make if he is interested in girls.

At times when you might be likely to meet a new girl, you should always have some activities in which you might ask her to join you ready for right then, or later on a date. Suitable restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlors are a good start. It is a good idea to know the location of these in advance. Other places (according to taste) might be discos, bars, gyms, concerts, sporting events, swimming pools, skating rinks, beaches, etc. You might ask her to drive somewhere with you. Or, if you are involved in sports or athletics, you can invite her to participate with you. Tennis, bowling, golf, skiing, skin diving, boating, jogging, horseback riding, and surfing are all likely suggestions. Amateur theatricals. musical activities, art groups, photography, cinematography, car clubs, and all types of flying are also very good.

In fact, many men take up one or more of these activities largely for the social opportunities they offer, both as a place to meet girls, and as an outing to take dates they have met elsewhere.