Here's  how to approach  them in the  air, if you want to  give it  a try:  After you're  in the air and things  have calmed down and  things are slow, ask the flight  attendant  for  some  coffee. Try  to establish  some  eye  contact  while  she's taking your order  and be sure and give her a warm and sexy smile. Literally try to melt her  with your bedroom eyes and tell her, "You sure look great today." When she returns with your coffee  say, "Being a flight  attendant sure is  a demanding job  isn't it?" This sure could open up an avenue  for some  prolonged conver­sa­tion. What you're trying to do  is establish as  much verbal contact  as possible.

 After you've  finished your  coffee, call  her to pick  up your cup. This is  when you're going to "move in  for the kill."  Ask her, "Would  it be possible to talk  to  you  in  private?"  She will probably respond with, "About  what?" Just  say it's  personal.  Whether  you  get  to  talk to  her in  private or while in your seat, this is the approach to use: "I'm very attracted to you and  I'd like to get to know you better. Can we have dinner  or a  couple of drinks together?" That's all there is to  it and hopefully she will say "yes."  If she doesn't, you can't say you didn't try.

Also, if you don't get to speak to her in private and you have to speak to her from your seat and you're sensitive about other passengers listening  in on your lines,  just have her  put her ear down to your mouth and whisper in her ear.

You might  try this  if you  get turned  down for dinner  or drinks.  When  you're  getting  off the plane, be sure  and say  on your  way out,  "Are you sure you still  don't  want  to  have dinner  or  a  couple of drinks?"  You  never  know,  she  just might change her mind.

In conclusion to approaching  flight attendants in the  air,  be sure  and  do it at the beginning of  the flight. Don't  wait until mid-flight or at the end of the flight. The reason for this being, that  she  may  be  tired  or  fed  up  with  difficult pas­sengers.  So strike  early  and  get a jump on any possible competition.