on June 23, 2013
As you know from the product's description, it is an absolute miracle if a woman actually wants to have sex multiple times. But this product will completely defy the laws of nature! Just a splash of it will break through female frigidity (remember it is just in their nature to be totally disinterested in sex and it has nothing to do with your physical appearance or complete lack of positive personal traits). With that being said please be careful with this product and monitor the amount that you put on. While it may seem like those endless hours of pleasure will culminate in bliss, they can also result in hospitalization, dehydration, and slow starvation. The bottom line is that these pheromones are powerful and you may find it difficult to pry your partner off of your exhausted body in order to seek out nourishment. If you are not prepared to take these risks then you should seriously reconsider buying this product; unless you have the stamina of a Dothraki horse-lord and are well hydrated prior to any sexual contact.
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