Million Dollar Bill Method

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs I've ever seen for meeting new women. What is it? Well, it's a million dollar bill. It looks like the real thing and it's perfectly legal.

Is there such a thing as a real million dollar bill? No, but I swear it looks so real, people will be fooled.

So. what does a million dollar have to do with meeting women? Well, here's just a few ideas to use the million dollar bill on women:

1. See a woman you're attracted to - approach her and say, "You look like a million dollars. Here, have a million dollars on me" and hand her the bill.
2. Proposition women with, "I'll give you this million dollar bill if you will have lunch with me."
3. If you're attracted to the hot waitress that serves your table, do this: Leave a tip with a million dollar and a note that says, "Thanks a million for the great service - Let's get together for lunch. Call me at________.
3. Do you go to topless clubs? The million dollar bills are a big hit with the topless dancers. Use them to put in her G-string, for conversation pieces, to tip her for a table dance, etc.
4. I'm sure you can think of many other ways to use these million dollar bills to meet women. Try this new way of meeting women. It works!!!

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