"I decided to take a chance with your book "A Man's Guide to Women" and I must say it is one of the greatest investments in my life. Almost overnight, my life began to change for the better. Before I purchased this book, I was attractive and had money (which is a plus) yet I was miserable and bitter. I was in a paradox, because I was unhappy that I couldn't attract women, but I didn't know that I had to be happy to attract women. Your book gave me a good slap on the face and woke me up by simply stating how women want to be in a relationship to be happy (the same reason I wanted one) but for that to happen, I'd have to be positive to attract them. So, I put on a happy face and the NEXT bloody day, a girl who I recently became interested in began telling one of my female friends how much she liked me... and the rest is history. Thank you so much, I recommend this book to every guy on the face of the earth-- no wait! That would give me too much skilled competition!" - Arric Belzer, North Florida

"I just finished reading your "A MAN"S GUIDE TO WOMEN" and I just want to say...Thank you for selling this book to me! Not only I had sex with a girl from 3 days after I got your book, but also I am a better man because of the principal you teach." - Tony Kawasaki, Gardena, CA

"I thought being confused by women and floundering in the sea of love was normal. "A Man's Guide To Women" showed me how wrong I was. I'm now dating all the women I want. I wish I had read this book years ago." - V.S., Portland, OR

"Several months ago I purchased a copy of "A Man's Guide to Women." It has been a real eye opener - time after time I could see the ways in which I've bungled relationships over the past 6 years since I got divorced. So, I wanted to thank you for providing this insight into the inner workings of the female psyche. At least I won't make these mistakes in the future." - David F., Atlanta, GA

If you are a man who has no points in the game of love or fewer than you deserve, then here, finally, is a book for you. It tells you exactly what you really need to know in step-by-step detail onhow to be more successful with women.

Many books state that women want sensitivity, caring, and romance from their men above all else. So why are thousands of sensitive, romantic men spending solitary evenings at home with nobody to love and care for?

Because there is a catch. Single women want sensitivity and romance, but they want it only from those men they are attracted to. And to be found attractive by women, you need more than a sensitive, caring nature.

All other books tell you what a woman wants from the man she loves. This book tells you how to be the man she loves.

For more information on this book go to: http://www.getgirls.com/manguide.htmhttp://www.getgirls.com/manguide.htm