Well the holiday season is upon us and what a great time to meet women it is! What makes it great you say? Because it has never been easier to know where to find and seduce hordes of single women!

The secret to knowing where to find them is an obvious one.

You know that every woman loves shopping, and you know that during the holidays everybody has to shop! Now for me, being a man and all, the idea of going to the mall and spending an hour fighting for a parking spot just to spend all my hard earned money on people like my girlfriend's parents seemed very unappealing to say the least. But I had to do it, and so did everyone else that I could think of. Almost everyone celebrates some sort of gift giving holiday, and that includes hundreds and thousands of beautiful single women.

So when I went to the mall the other day to buy gifts and saw all of the amazing women, it made me think twice about having a girlfriend during the holidays! Here I was, stuck with a girlfriend during the best possible time to meet women I could think of. What a bummer!

Now it's time to get straight to the point. The mall (during Christmas time) is the most amazing place to meet single women that I have ever encountered. Not only is it packed every single day with hundreds of beautiful women, but the pickup lines come so naturally that I almost feel guilty.
Lines like "Do you think my sister would like this?" (holding up a random item) to the more involved "Could you help me? I need a really good present for my sister this year and I can tell by what your wearing that you have great taste in clothes. Would you mind recommending something for me?" are excellent conversation starters and the women feel very at ease and appreciated since they are doing you a favor. (Just don't tell them that you really don't have any sisters!)

And the best part about shopping at the malls during the holidays? The single girls will start conversations with you! When they ask, "Do you think my brother would like this shirt?" and you say "It doesn't matter if he likes the shirt or not. You could give him a dirty sock and since its from a wonderful person like you he would cherish it forever!" They will be charmed out of their minds! If you go to the mall this holiday season , the best presents you are gonna come home with are dates and phone numbers from fabulous women! And they say guys hate to shop!

This great article on how to meet single women was contributed by Ed Laure.