As you  probably know, when someone is sitting or standing with their  arms crossed across  their chest, it  usually  means  a person  does  not  want  to  be approached and probably doesn't care to listen to what you  have  to  say.  This  is  how  most psychologist interpret the crossed arms.

Don't let this mislead you though. When you see a woman with her  arms crossed she  just may be  frustrated and lonely and just not having  a good time. However, if she has a stiff and tense look on her face and she is sitting  in  a  stiff  manner  with her  legs tightly crossed  and purposely averts her eyes when you try to catch them with your own eyes,  you're probably better off not even trying to meet this girl.

A limp or hanging hand usually means she is bored, restless, or just  tired.  It can  also  indicate frustration or disgust.

For various reasons,  some women do not  want to be noticed. They  may feel  unattractive or  even ugly or may not be dressed properly, lack self-confidence, and may feel  inferior. They will just  stand around shyly or bashfully on the sidelines staring at the ground or watching everyone  else have  fun. These women may have such  a bad  complex that  they purposely  do whatever they can  to make themselves less  noticeable, such as dressing plainly, wearing little or no makeup, and wearing a non-becoming hairstyle.  In  essence  these  women  are saying, "Just leave me alone, find someone else to talk to."

The really  sad part about women  like this is that some of them  are really attractive. They  just have a complex they can't get rid of. If you want to invest a little time you could help them get over this complex. It might be worth the effort.


  1. Mia Mathews // January 21, 2016 at 7:20 AM  

    Body language is an important thing, we should always pay attention to it!