TIP #1 - Have every detail of the date planned, but make it seem spontaneous. Try to go somewhere familiar to you so you'll know what to expect. Even go to movies you've seen before so you know it's a good one.

TIP #2 - End the date before she does. Example: The evening is winding down. It's pretty obvious that you aren't going to "get lucky" this night, but you hang on till the bitter end hoping that the chance in a million shot will come through. Wrong! Instead you alertly perceive that the evening is still going well and is positive, so you politely explain that you have to go, assure her that you had a great time, and tell her you'll have to get together again. Take her home and say, "good-night."

Most men seem to think that if they prolong the date enough, they'll get the girl in bed. As the evening drags on, the mood of the dates starts to drop and the girl ends up having to announce it's time for her to go. By ending the date before she does you surprise her and set yourself apart. You imply that you are hard to get, and not desperate. And believe us, if the girl is interested in going to bed, you'll know it. She will make her interest known to you. So if she hasn't given you the signals, better for you to make your exit and beat her at her own game. She'll be giving you the signals someday soon.


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