Do  you need to be tall, dark, and handsome to attract and meet women? The answer may surprise you but it's a definite no. With a man, a woman's looks are of critical importance. Not so with a woman because they are much more interested in what you're like on the inside than on the outside. Your personality and warmth of character are of paramount importance to them.

Some  women  even  prefer  a  man who is not very handsome, as they usually have  a better personality and are more interest­ing. Just like a lot of beautiful women,  a  real good-looking  man  may  just sit back passively depending on his looks and are so hung up on themselves they haven't even developed a  personality. They're just plain boring and unexcit­ing.

If you do happen to be good-looking, it will be to your advantage though. Good looks and a good body do attract a woman's attention. Just remember that they're more interested in your personality and not hung up on beautiful faces the way you are, as a general rule.