This is a topless dancer with a lot of experience and has been dancing for ten or more years.  She's more mature mentally, physically, and emotionally.  She knows all the ropes and is a seasoned veteran.  She's an expert at manipulating men for drinks and table dances and she's rather aggressive.  She can be every seductive and make you want to reach for your wallet.
Your best strategy for trying to score with veteran dancers is establishing a friendship first.  She's heard all the pick-up lines, men offering her gifts, trips, etc.  Hitting on her right out of the gate probably won't work well with this type of woman.  Gain her trust and friendship first and take it from there.  A word of advice - I'm not saying don't pursue veteran dancers, but you'll have a lot better luck with the young and inexperienced dancers.  There's one advantage to the veteran dancer and that is she is likely to give you a very seductive and sexually stimulating table dance.

P.S.  Remember to always ask a dancer when you first meet her, "How long have you been dancing?"