#1 - You can't allow yourself to become boring. You must dress and groom yourself. You have to deal with waitresses properly. You have to be busy and important. You should maintain a level of mystery about you. You have to continue to let her know you are found attractive by other women (Though certainly not by flirting or throwing it in her face).

#2 - Now more than ever, you are going to have to maintain control. You will have to control the relationship emotionally, as well as on a personal level. You have to be the energy of the relationship. You have to listen and perceive what her mood is and then perceive what activity would turn her on and excite her the most. Then suggest it before it has even occurred to her. Does this mean that you have to be able to read minds? No, that would be nice, but it does mean that you have to stay tuned in to her and her moods.

#3 - Don't be a boring slob. This sounds like an obvious tip, but you would be surprised how many men fall into this trap of letting a woman see them spend all of their time on the couch watching TV. Be active, exciting and doing things. Relate to her and what she is doing.