Let's talk about smiles during your first meeting with a topless dancer. A warm and sexy smile can do wonders in getting a dancer attracted to you. A smile is your best way to break the ice with a dancer. It shows that you are a positive person. It lifts the spirits of the dancer and indicates that you're open to conversation. A warm smile communicates to her that you've noticed her in an approving way. Your smile says to her, “You look nice. Let's get to know each other." Be sure and examine your smile. You need to make sure that you're sending the right message when you smile at the dancers. Stand in front of a mirror. Smile naturally as if you were smiling at a dancer and check:

 1. Does your smile look warm, friendly, and sexy?

2. Are your teeth shiny and white?

Work on the areas that need improvement and beware of a smile that looks more like a forced grin. You probably need to relax your face more. Watch out for half-hearted smiles. This may be caused by shyness but they come across as not very warm. Also, if you smile comes across as phony, it may have been on your face too long. After smiling for a minute or so your lips begin to get tired and freeze into a glazed look. To cure this and freshen your smile, rest a moment. When you're not smiling, don't let your mouth give off negative messages. Tightly pursed lips can suggest anger and you certainly don't want to come across as angry when meeting a dancer. Also a turned down mouth communicates sadness or disapproval.