HINT #1 - You constantly have to be using your imagination. Don't allow yourself to become predictable and boring. Be thinking of new things to do - a restaurant she hasn't been to, a walk in the park, or taking pictures at the beach. Do things that are slightly different and unpredictable. Women love a man to surprise her with his spontaneity. Even if you've planned an activity in advance, make it appear to be a thought of the moment. Remember, it is as much the style with which you do it, as what you do.

HINT #2 - A friend once made the observation: "Casual dates are for getting to know someone, formal dates are for people in a relationship." Most people make the mistake of doing the opposite. They go on formal dates when they are trying to get to know someone, and once in a relationship, get lazy and go on casual outings. You have to spice up a relationship with formal affairs. Women love to dress up - so let them.

Don't forget that a relationship will stay strong as long as her feelings for you stay strong. The key to all of this is giving a woman what she really wants. Don't make the mistake of thinking that women's needs and desires change just because they are in a relationship.
This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."