1. If you have a need in your dating life, take it to your Father in heaven knowing that his grace is sufficient for you. Trust in him for how that grace will come to you.
2. Because of Jesus, we can live our days with faith. We just never know how God might bless our dating life today.
3. If you are on a date with someone who is discouraged allow the Holy Spirit to use you to restore their confidence in Jesus.

4. PRAYER: I have never known a despondent day...It’s because the joy of the Lord is the strength of my life.
5. Regardless of how chaotic or overwhelming your dating situation is turn your attention to Jesus - He will provide you with the rest and refuge you need.
6. Do not seek revenge for an ex-girlfriend who did you wrong. The Bible teaches that if we seek revenge, we are violating the principles of God, but we are also setting ourselves up for Satan’s control of our life. - David Jeremiah