TIP #1 - THE POWER OF "RESPECTFUL AGGRESSIVENESS" IN LOVE-MAKING. "He who hesitates is lost!" is often sadly true of the would-be lover. Aggressiveness, assertiveness, courage, and persistence are often essential in meeting the woman you want and in developing a satisfying love affair. This is not to say that brutal aggressiveness or boorish assertiveness are recommended. But you must be aggressive enough to start the action and pursue it, even if given little encouragement initially, unless you are definitely and decisively refused.

But that is rare. Don't look for rejection. Don't expect failure! You have to exercise enough assertiveness to keep moving forward, from asking a girl for a date, or beginning a conversation with a stranger, through all the successive stages.

TIP #2 - GET A PART-TIME JOB WHERE YOU ARE BOUND TO MEET A LOT OF SINGLE WOMEN! Even if you now have a very good job, consider trying this: Get yourself a temporary part-time job, evenings, weekends, or whenever you have spare time, regardless of salary or previous background, where you will come into contact with single women.

Department store sales jobs are ideal for this purpose, but almost any selling job, even canvassing can be helpful both in building up your confidence in meeting and dealing with people, and in actually giving you more opportunity to meet attractive single women from much wider horizons than your own neighborhood or job might provide. A job in a cafe, restaurant, or any job where you constantly meeting and dealing with the public is excellent for this purpose if you make it your business to use it in this way.

TIP #3 - THOUSANDS OF BEAUTIFUL SEXY SINGLE WOMEN ARE READY TO GIVE THEMSELVES TO THE FIRST MAN WHO IS SENSITIVE, SYMPATHETIC, UNDERSTANDING: Loneliness, feelings of inner emptiness, a yearning for a sense of personal importance are so universal that millions of lovely women, single and married, are psychologically ready to throw themselves, passionately and completely, at the first man who shows them tenderness, affection, devotion...at the first man who makes them feel wanted, loved, important, and lovable!

TIP #4 - AVOID FALLING INTO THIS RUT WHICH CAN PREVENT YOU FROM MEETING SINGLE WOMEN. Most men are defeated by ego-deflating imaginations before they have even begun: The fear that you will not be liked, that you haven't a chance, that it's no use even trying because "she" could never possibly go for you are your chief, self-imposed obstacles. You use your imagination to erect barriers and obstacles rather than help your cause!


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