Yes it does! Particularly if you are not a pushy type of a person. The actual opening lines can be quite simple, but it takes real courage to approach a stranger and push your will upon her, by claiming her time and attention. It is the type of confrontation that most people try to avoid. But it is best that you face up to the facts, so you'll know what to expect. Don't let anyone tell you it is an easy thing to do.

It is like some other unpleasant little chores you sometimes have to perform. You must resign yourself to the task, grit your teeth, take a deep breath, and then plunge in.

But it isn't all that bad. Particularly if you consider the rewards. Besides, we will show you a few wrinkles that remove some of the pressure.

But don't fall into the trap of thinking you can dodge the confrontation by taking some easy way out. Something like waiting for an attractive girl to give you some form of encouragement first. Wouldn't that make it all so much easier? Forget it. It rarely happens. You have to be bold enough to make your own opportunities. Or be prepared to settle for less desirable female companions.