When fear raises its ugly head when you are thinking about approaching that hot single woman you are attracted to do you dwell on those self-defeating thoughts of rejection or shyness that prevents you from approaching her?

When you choose to focus on all the reasons why you can't approach sexy single women this is going to cause you to have a negative mindset when it comes to meeting women. This mindset is going to hold you back from meeting and approaching women that you are attracted to.

You just can't sit on the sidelines watching other men meet and attract women. You must refuse to let fear hold you back anymore. You've got to take a leap of faith, be bold and resolute, and focus on a vision of victory in meeting new single women.

I suggest that you develop a new mindset that this is a new day and a new beginning for you. Let go of the chains of the past. In the future, when you feel fear when wanting to approach women, doesn't mena you have to act on it. When you feel fear when you want to meet and approach women that you are attracted to, don't give in to that fear. Stay in faith that you can meet and approach any woman you desire. Say to yourself that you are full on confidence and fear nothing or anyone.