Popular culture depicts a sleek, long legged, big-breasted, nubile blonde as the ideal love partner... just the type of fantasy woman who would turn up her nose at the shy man, and why not, as she could choose from any number of ruggedly handsome socially adept men...These are the "beautiful people," a world unto themselves, unapproachable, narcissistic, smug, and far removed from reality. Shy men are well advised to stay clear of this particular crowd.

Consider instead single women outside the mainstream. Fellow social outcasts, they are real people who have had to grapple with life's hardships, to endure pain, to choke on embarrassment, to feel the lash of rejection...just as you have. Struggling with problems, rebounding from failure, learning by necessity to fight - all this develops the personality, forces one to grow, to become fully human, to become capable of loving and worthy of being loved.

"Ugly" single women glow with a serene inner beauty. Their faces are a study in rococo sculpture, an unfamiliar language of landscape and form, an intricate and convoluted road map of life itself. Their bodies hold promise of hidden delights. Their spirits reach out in too-long denied explosive passion.

Fat single women are round and cuddly. Lush and sensuous, warm and accepting, they radiate love. Their endless flowing curves, impossible to encompass save by caress, express the very essence of femaleness. Soft and yielding, ever so much more squeezable than their sharp-edged bony sisters, they submerge you in their embrace,
their embrace, oh, so sweet, the Primeval Ocean, the source of life.

Older single women make better lovers, as celebrated in song and folklore. Their life skills uplift shy youthful lovers past barriers of fear and inexperience. Unexcelled as nurturers and teachers, they bestow patience and understanding. They care.

Handicapped single women overflow with boundless love. Forging vast inner resources to cope with physical infirmity, they infuse strength annealed with compassion into a relationship. Having anguished, but not shattered, flamed but not burned, cried but not despaired, they bear hope and healing to the fortunate men who find them.

Women of different races and cultures blend an aura of the exotic with a tinge of the forbidden. Diversity adds color to a relationship, and a touch of the strange lends spice and excitement to the flowering of intimacy.

In closing, I hope you don't fall into the trap that thinking you must date single women that look like the naked women in Playboy in order for you to be happy in a relationship. You would be surprised that by dating women that you are not normally attracted to can bring you happiness and love beyond your wildest dreams.