Problem: You are going out with a woman who shows you no affection at all, who constantly criticizes you, who shows no interest in the things that are important to you. She permits you to take her to dinner and entertain her, and makes you feel that this is what you owe her for being with her. You are nevertheless overwhelmed and grateful to be near her, and if you could only get her to return your love, it would make your life complete.
Solution: If it is your life's ambition to be abused and exploited, then you have found your soul mate. Otherwise, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit.
Problem: You seem to be stuck in a rut. Your life has settled into a dull routine of loneliness and even the prospect of a close relationship hardly excites you any more. Solution:
1. Try a change of pace.
2. Fill up your free time with activities.
3. Take classes. Join clubs. Do volunteer work.
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4. Devote yourself to a hobby.
5. Start work on your novel.
6. Step out of the role.
7. Be a bit more flexible, and less predictable in your behavior.
8. Deliberately act out of character occasionally.
9. If you are in a permanent state of depression, consider professional counseling.