You have answered a personal ad of the single woman of your dreams. From the description of her ad she seems like a perfect match for you for romance and a possible serious relationship. You write her a letter and anxiously wait to hear back from her. And you wait...and wait...and wait and you never hear from her.

So, you wonder what went wrong? Is she rejecting me? Did I say something in my letter that turned her off? Why won't she write back? Most likely you made some common mistakes that turn single women off or caused them to lose interest in you. Listed here are some things that may have gone wrong so you can take corrective measures on the next personal ad you answer:

1. Your letter was too sexually suggestive. When writing to a woman for the first time, never write anything of a sexual nature. It's a big turn off.

2. All you did was brag about yourself, your accomplishments, and your possessions in your letter.

3. You forgot to give her your phone number in case she may want to call you instead of writing you back. Some single women prefer to do it this way. If you just write back with your address, she may get letters from guys who include their phone number and she will pass you up in favor of calling them. There's another factor to consider. If you won't give out your phone number, she may think that you are married or living with another woman.

4. The letter you sent her looked like it was zeroxed. This is a real big no no.

5. You forgot to send her a stamped reply envelope with your letter. A stamped reply envelope helps to ensure an answer back and it shows the woman that you are very thoughtful. This makes a very good impression on single women.

6. You forgot to mention what is was in her ad that attracted you to write her. Single women love compliments and they want to know why to chose to write her.