Let's talk about winners and losers in the game of love and succeeding with women.
Do you know what the difference is between the guys who are winners and losers? The guys who are winners with women do the things losers don't want to do to take action to meet, attract, and seduce women.
Guys who succeed with women don't just think about it, they take action to meet and attract women. They do what it takes! When they see a woman they are attracted to, they pull the trigger. They don't procrastinate, stall, ponder, or make excuses; they approach her right then and there. They don't put it off.
Free Dating Tips on How to Meet, Attract, and Seduce Women
Always remember that to have that woman you want, you have to do whatever it takes. Also, nothing in your love and sex life will change until you begin to do something about it.
The bottom line is that if you do nothing to meet women, you're going to be a very lonely and frustrated man. That woman of your dreams is not going to just drop out of the sky. You've got to pursue her!