Please follow these steps to make a favorable sexual impression with single women:

Have you got any sexual problems? If you do, be sure and discuss them with the woman you're with before you start making love. This way she is more inclined to be understanding and helpful if you tell her in advance to avoid any embarrassment.

In the early stages of a relationship, if you are going to be coming over to spend the night for some hot passionate sex, be sure and make arrangements with her in advance. Don't just show up at her door with your overnight bag without consulting with her first.

Here's the best way to awaken the object of your affection while she is asleep and you are in a horny mood wanting to make love: Just start stroking and kissing her skin very softly to awaken her. She may even think she is dreaming and will awaken in a passionate and sexy mood.

It's bad manners to light up a cigarette immediately after having sex.

When you are ready to make love to a single woman, always undress her first very seductively. Never, never take your clothes off first.

Always remove your jewelry before making love to a woman. They can have sharp edges and scratch her and cause discomfort.

When you make love to a single woman, always be clean-shaven. A course beard can cause discomfort to her skin and be a real turn-off. Don't be a "hit and run" lover.

After you have had sex, don't just hop out of bed and leave. Just lay there with her and cuddle, stroke, and kiss her tenderly. Tell her how good she was in bed.

And, my last bit of advice is the most important. Practice safe sex!