I want to tell you about a very unique way to attract single women for dating, romance, relationships, marriage, love, and sex using billboard ads.

Four single men here in Houston pooled their money together and leased a billboard (14x18 feet) for one month to run a billboard personal ad. The billboard ad cost $2500 and they split the cost four ways.

The billboard ad read something like this: 4 single white businessmen 27-32 SEEK WIVES. Write, Box 422, Houston, TX 77242

So, how did this ad do? Well in the first 10 days they got over 300 responses from single and attractive women. Also, they got a lot of local media coverage. The spokesman for the group even went on national talk shows to talk about their success with using this method to meet and attract single women.

If you've got the money to burn and some willing buddies, why not try this yourself and send a press release to your local media and national media telling them about what you did and your success stories.