Sex Appeal with Women

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Girls sometimes approach men to pick them up. But don't get lazy and depend on this. The really attractive girls aren't the ones most likely to do this, so you still have to get out and make your own opportunities.
Men can be attractive to girls. This is an obvious fact. Whether it is a combination of looks, mannerisms, personality (or whatever else), the end result is that special magic called sex appeal.
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You must become a believer in yourself. You must believe that you too can have sex appeal. And of course you can. You simply have to improve and cultivate the assets you already possess. This book should help you to do this.
But your magic needs some practical help. You may stand and look at a girl, knowing she would be impressed by your personality and charm. However if you don't make an approach to her, your magic cannot begin to work. So, in addition to possessing sex appeal, you must be prepared to talk about mundane things, like the weather, bus timetables, and other small talk, just to get into a position for your sex appeal to work.