1. This will really frustrate you. You ask this woman to slow dance and she accepts. Your bodies meet and she starts grinding her crotch into yours. You're getting turned on and horny. All this time you're thinking she's horny too and wants to make love to you. The song ends and she abruptly breaks away and says, "Thank you" and then disappears into the crowd. Then you say in your mind, "That damned teaser!"
2. This is known as a big flirt. She walks around flirting with every man in sight. When a man approaches her trying to make contact, she rejects his advances or makes up an excuse to leave the scene.
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3. This experience can really blow your mind. You meet a woman and you drink and dance the night away. You think you're really hitting it off good together and you get the impression she will go home with you. You ask her if she would like to come over to your place for awhile. She says, "No" and you ask her if she would like to leave and get a bite to eat at a local restaurant. She still says, "No." So you say, "Well can I give you a call sometime?" She replies, "I don't give out my phone number to strangers." So it ends up that you wasted your whole night on his one.