When you go to topless clubs, I recommend sitting at these 3 places to meet topless dancer.

1. COUCH OR BIG-ARMED CHAIR - These are great for table dances. They really give you some nice views and highly erotic moves by the dancers. Once again, by sitting in these places, the dancers may assume you want a dance and, the name of the game is attracting the dancers, then put them under your spell.

2. DRESSING ROOM - Sit near the dancers dressing room. Why? This is a high traffic area for the dancers going back and forth to the dressing room and restroom. You will get high visibility in this area. You will get noticed and you will get attention. That's the bottom line to sitting in favorable places. To get noticed and attract attention.

3. LAST DANCE STAGE - If you are at a topless club with a buddy, sit at the last dance stage. The girls rotate stages and she is doing her last dance and will be taking a break. You and your buddy are the last faces she will see after she leaves the stage. If you've made a lasting impression, she may come right back to talk to you. Or, this spot may just turn out to be a good spot for no reason in particular. You just have to play it by ear and experiment.