Women's Seduction Powers

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 | | 0 comments »

The power of seduction is perhaps one of woman's strongest instincts. This drive probably goes back to ancient times when a woman seduced a man to gain protection and food in order to survive. Over the centuries this drive has evolved to become more subtle, but certainly not weaker. We see today even pre-school girls "seducing" their fathers to get what they want. Girls learn at an early age that men can be manipulated with nothing more than a little female attention.

Of course, the attention that women use translates to sexuality. But it doesn't even take a promise of sex - merely the hint or suggestion of sex is enough to manipulate or seduce a man into doing what a woman wants him to do. As a matter of fact, some women grow up finding so much success using their "charms" that seduction becomes second nature to them. Most often, they are not even aware that they are doing it. Usually these women grew up around men who were very susceptible to female attention, so that from an early age these women learned how to get what they wanted. So, if money is important to a man because with it he can get what he wants, in the same way, the power of seduction is important to a woman because with it she too can get things she wants.

What all this means to you, the man trying to understand women, is that women like to know they have that power of seduction. Women are very stimulated by an opportunity to affirm that power. They love a chase. They love a man who is a "catch" - Someone who is hard to get. A man who makes himself easy denies a woman her desire to prove her powers of seduction. She will be bored with this man and go after one who stimulates her desire for a challenge. This is something that every man must remember when dealing with women. Later we will give some ideas and examples of how to appeal to this female drive.