Women have a much higher level of sexuality and sensuality than men do, and love opportunities to express it. One only need observe a dance floor at nightclubs to confirm this. The men are usually very conservative, bobbing back and forth, while the women are very expressive with their bodies, making exaggerated moves - not afraid to offer sexual connotation to their dancing.
The important thing here is that women love an opportunity to express their sensuality, and are attracted to a man who offers that opportunity. Be it because he is a real good dancer, or is into yoga and massage, or is a photographer looking for a model, a woman is drawn to a man that is comfortable with sensuality.
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Now this does not mean that you'll have to go out and become an Elvis Presley clone to attract women. There are many subtle ways a man can add an element of sensuality to his personality. In later chapters we will give you ideas on how this can be done.
The article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."