A Few Words About Your Image

Wednesday, February 08, 2012 | | 0 comments »

A person's image is a difficult thing to define. When someone forms an image of another person, it is a mental picture, conception, or impression of that person. This impression is formed using the information at hand. Your voice, the things you say, the way you walk, the color of your hair, your height, build, your clothes, your grooming, your behavior, anything and everything can be used by someone to form an opinion of you. But, any one man has many different images. Different people have different images of him, and all of these images may be completely different from how he perceives himself. For example, people who see Bob riding with his motorcycle gang on weekends have a different image of him than formed by people who see him at work as an accountant.

But let's discuss a more typical example. Let's put Ron at a party. He is, for the most part, average in looks and dress with respect to the other people there. At one point in the party, he is talking to three girls. They are interested in what he has to say and are standing around him. To other people at the party, Ron appears to be quite the lady's man. He must be an interesting, attractive, sexy guy or these women wouldn't be hanging around him. Women are thinking, "Gee, how can I meet him?" Later on, Ron has gone for a drink, everyone else is locked in conversation, and he stands by the fireplace alone, content to listen to music and observe the others at the party. At this moment, a late arrival enters the room and sees Ron. She is thinking, "Boy, everyone else is talking to someone, and this guy is standing here alone. He must not be found attractive by anyone. I'll take their word for it and decide he's unattractive too." The same person, the same clothes, the same night, and two completely different perceptions formed.