There's a false stigma associated with topless dancers. And that is that a lot of topless dancers are prostitutes. This is just not true. Don't get me wrong. There are topless dancers that sell their bodies. But, the numbers are few, especially in the upscale clubs.

The dancers already make good money and feel that selling their body is beneath them. Plus, it would be too risky. There are undercover vice cops that go to topless clubs to solicit prostitutes. I can't control what you do, but don't pay for sex. It's not worth it and in this day and age of all the diseases it's too risky. Sure, you can wear a condom, but what if it breaks or worse, it comes off?

If a dancer is selling her body and sleeping with a lot of men, what does this say about her character and self-worth? Don't lower yourself by having anything to do with a dancer if you find out she's a prostitute.