Unfortunately, these type of people exist in all phases of life and you will see your share of them in the nightclubs.
This woman is a stuck up snob and thinks she's hot stuff. She walks around the club with her nose up in the air. If you try to stop her and talk to her, she just ignores you and keeps on walking. This is very annoying to us men. It wouldn't hurt her to be friendly and talk to you. Also, out on the dance floor she will be constantly looking at herself in the mirrors, if there happen to be mirrors on the dance floor. She loves looking at herself.
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The egotists are difficult to approach because they think they are too good for you. Don't let this discourage you though. At least make an attempt to meet her and if you fail, there are usually plenty of friendly women to meet. Myself, I'll take a friendly woman over a snob any day.