Unfortunately, you're going to run into this type in the topless clubs. Don't even think about trying to pick them up. You're just wasting your time. They have no intentions in dating any of the men that come to the club. They will lead you on and make you think that they are crazy about you, sit in your lap, kiss you and be all lovey-dovey towards you. It's all an act. You will think to yourself, "Wow! I'm going to get laid tonight." And in the mean time you're dishing out money buying her drinks and paying for table dances. She is just using you and all she sees when she looks at you is dollar signs.
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Be sure and read Chapter Eight on how to tell if a topless dancer is interested in you. This is a great guideline that will tell you if she's putting on an act or if she really likes you and attracted to you. This can prevent you from becoming a fool and parting with your hard earned money with nothing in return. If you determine that a dancer is just a teaser, she will be real easy to get rid of, just stop buying her drinks and don't buy any table dances. She will leave and move on to the next fool who will fall for her act and devious ways.