Try to select way-out or unusual, unique outfits. These will immediately catch the eye of women. By wearing an unusual and unique outfit and being among people in ordinary clothes, you will find yourself to be the center of attention. This is what you want to do and that is, attract a woman's attention.

Try to select sexy-looking clothes. By wearing sexy-looking clothes, you will be sending out a message. The message being that you yourself are also sexually stimulating.

Selection of eye-catching colors are very important in attracting attention. The human eye notices color and form simultaneously. If both your colors and form are unusual, strong, and simple, the human eye must take notice to them. The impression will be strong and quick.

Don't go to extremes though, in your selection of clothes and color. Wearing weird clothes that have too strong and conflicting colors will have the opposite effect in attracting attention. You will repel and you will be labeled as some kind of "weirdo."

One last item on dressing that really turns on and attracts women. When buying clothes, buy them tight-¬fitting, especially in the crotch area. Wear boxer shorts or even nothing underneath and this will create that "bulge" look. You will be amazed at the women that will stare at your crotch. Of course the more endowed you are, the bigger showing you're going to make.

It's a known fact that women also look at a man's body just like we look at a woman's body. So, why not give them something to drool over, like a bulging crotch.