Let people know that you are a vital, important person who is doing things.

TIP #1 - When someone asks you what you did yesterday, never say, "Oh, I just sat around and was bored." Better to say, "I was up early to run errands and take care of business, then played tennis, met a friend for lunch, and worked in the afternoon."

TIP #2 - If someone calls and asks what you are doing, reply with, "I just walked in the door" or "I'm just on my way out to take care of business."

TIP #3 - Don't hang on the phone for hours talking to someone indicating you don't have anything else to do. Get the business of the call over, be pleasant, and then excuse yourself.

TIP #4 - By not calling a girl every night or contacting her every day, you show that you are busy and have other things that are important in your life besides her. This lets her know that she is going to have to compete for your time.

Tip #5 - If you run into someone, be pleasant and friendly. Show that person that you have an interest in her, but then excuse yourself because of having things to do. In this way, you show her that she is going to have to work for your time. You are not "easy."

By letting people know that you are a person doing things and active, you suggest a lot to a woman. Certainly, you must be someone who knows where you are going, hence, leadership. You play on her sense of wanting what she can't have because she will have to compete for your time with all of your other activities. You will appear to be different from all the other guys who are hanging on her begging for her time. She will suspect that there are other women in your life or you wouldn't be so busy. And finally, she is going to have to use her charms to seduce you away from all these other activities - and women love that challenge.


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