Remember women want leadership.
TIP #1 - When planning a date, instead of asking the girl what she would like to do, have every detail of the date planned out - the reservations, the movie, even the parking place. Just tell her when to be ready. Let the rest of the evening be a pleasant surprise.
TIP #2 - When you are with a girl, hold the door, take her arm, and show her the way.
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TIP #3 - At a restaurant, make sure that you are seated at the head of the table or where the waiter will see you first and stand next to you when he comes to take the order. Conduct all of the dealings with the waiter. Ask your date what she would like so that when ordering, you can say, "She will have the...and I will have the...," instead of her giving her own order.
TIP #4 - If at all possible, drive your own car. Avoid letting her drive you. When you are driving, she is dependent on you. When she drives, you are hitching a ride and are no longer in control
TIP #5 - If a girl call, answer the phone with, "Hi, what can I do for you?" By saying this, you show that you are used to being the leader and being of service to others.


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