If the girl is one who can be picked up, you then have the task of impressing her and selling her on your plan of a relationship.

If she has taken an instant liking to you and you can detect this, you might move right in and close the sale. That is, make a date, go off together, or whatever is agreeable at the time.

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But it is more likely that success will not come so quickly. You will probably have to work at the selling first. This can be compared to a salesman selling a vacuum cleaner (or anything else). The salesman could hand the vacuum to the prospective customer and say, "Here it is, lady. Would you like to buy it?" If he were very lucky, she may have already decided to buy it, because she really needed one and she liked the look of it.

It is more likely though; that the customer would be undecided, and the salesman would then work at selling his product.