Psyching yourself up and making preparations before going to a nightclub are very important. Be sure and get a good nights sleep before you go out. At least seven to eight hours will be sufficient. Eat a good steak dinner with your choice of vegetables prior to going out. This will put a lining on your stomach if you do a lot of heavy drinking and besides that, it will make you feel good.

If you don't have any good dancing records, buy as many as you can afford. There is a reason for this. A couple of hours before you leave, play your favorite records, or if you have a favorite radio station, turn that on. The purpose of this is to get you in the mood for dancing and the nightclub scene.

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If you drink, while you are relaxing and listening to the music, drink some of your favorite wine or mixed drinks. Also, taking a hot bath is very relaxing. It's a lot cheaper to drink at home than it is at the clubs. So try to do most of your drinking at home if you want to save some money.

While you are relaxing, picture in your minds eye, meeting some hot and sexy lady

at the nightclub. Actually see yourself talking to her, dancing with her, feeling your body rub against her during a slow song, etc. Feel her body next to yours, feel her crotch grinding against yours. See yourself leaving the nightclub and taking her to your place or going to her place or just leaving to get a bite to eat.

You are probably wondering what's the purpose of creating all these images in your mind. These images will register in your subconscious mind and when you get to the nightclub your subconscious mind will give directions to your conscious mind to act them out. Don't be disappointed if this does not work the first time because it takes repetition for this to soak into your subconscious mind. Also, all day long on the day you're going out, keep telling yourself over and over, "I'm going to meet a special lady tonight." You will be amazed at the results. This will also help you develop a positive mental attitude and build up your self-confidence.