Being decisive is one of the surest ways to demonstrate your leadership and confidence. Women want the man to take the lead and make the decisions and they are judging men on how well they do it.

TIP #1 - Don't stand there hemming and hawing. Be ready with options, and be ready to pick one. Always remember that it is your responsibility to make the decision, so take that responsibility.

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TIP #2 - If plans change such as a sold out movie, don't stand there saying, "Gee, now what?" Make a decision quickly on what to do. If you need more time to decide, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, make at all, or anything so you aren't just standing there looking indecisive.

TIP #3 - At a restaurant, choose your order quickly. At a bar, know what you want to drink. After the movie, know where you want to go.