A girl you are trying to pick up

is in a situation similar to the salesman's customer. She probably did not go out in a public place with the idea of getting picked up. In fact, if she were asked if she wanted to be picked up, she would probably truthfully say, "No." Nevertheless, most unattached girls have a vague underlying desire for romance and adventure. They probably would be intrigued by a pick up attempt, but at the start, some might not be convinced that they should agree to forming a relationship with you, a stranger. They would still need to be sold on the idea. It is like coaxing someone into a pool when the weather is just a little bit cool. You say, "Come on in; the water is fine when you get used to it.” The person probably knows that is true, but needs a little coaxing to take the plunge.

So, if you can continue to create a favorable image of yourself, by a continued exposure of your personality, you are progressively getting her more and more accustomed to the idea of becoming, at least, a friend. You are winning her respect and trust. You are selling her the idea of a relationship between the two of you. Remember, you are playing for time. The longer you can expose the girl to your personality, the better impression you make.