TIP #1 - Maintain a certain amount of mystery about yourself. The less the girl knows the better. As a rule, the more she knows about you, the more boring you become. There is an attraction to the unknown. By not telling her everything, or by her not knowing everything that you do, you show her that you have other interests and activities that she must compete with for your time.


By being hard to get and not appearing too anxious, you accomplish a lot:

1. You set yourself apart from all the other guys.
2. You suggest there must be other women in your life.
3. You don't threaten her independence.
4. You appeal to her powers of seduction.

Free Dating Tips on How to Meet, Attract, Seduce Women

TIP #1 - End the date before she does.

TIP #2 - Don’t be calling her every night.

TIP #3 - Don't be telling her she is the only girl in your life.

TIP #4 - Don't discuss the future or commitments. People are afraid of being trapped or tied down. Better to remain aloof.

TIP #5 - Don't always be available to do something with her.

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