If you are with another man it usually makes it a little easier to approach a girl (or girls). This is particularly workable in places like boardwalks, piers, carnivals, or in any type of hangout, where people go for the specific purpose of leisure. In these situations everyone tends to be more relaxed. They usually stroll along quite slowly, stopping here and there, looking at things. The opportunity for mingling is very good in these circumstances.

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Having a buddy along gives a little moral support, but going solo is no great problem either. The opening lines used should be similar to other situations: Comments on an interesting observation, requests for help and invitations to join, etc. Kidding around can be used very effectively as a means of breaking the ice in these places.

A very effective tactic for two or more men to pick up girls on a boardwalk, street, etc. (in a leisurely situation) is for the men to fall in behind the girls as they stroll along. They then can make playful remarks to the girls, or to each other, loud enough for the girls to hear them. The girls will usually join in the fun, and the men can invite the girls to join them, to walk along with them.