So now you're out on the dance floor dancing to a fast song at a nightclub. While you're dancing with her, make eye contact. Just catch her eye and hold it momentarily, then look away. Repeat this process until you start getting a smile out of her or at least a look of interest. Of course, now some women won't look at you while you are dancing. They don't focus their eyes on anyone in particular and just look at their feet, the floor, or they're busy trying to show off in front of everyone else. Some women are self-conscious about everybody watching them, so they don't make much eye contact. Anyway, try to establish as much eye contact as possible. This will be to your advantage.

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While you're dancing this first dance together, be sure and make some verbal contact no matter how loud the music is. The first thing you should say is, "What's your name?" After she tells you her name, tell her yours. Now you have become formally introduced, just by dancing. Also, make a comment on how nice she looks or compliment her clothes, jewelry, smile, etc.

So now this first song is coming to an end. When it ends don't hesitate and look at her to see if she wants to dance to the next record. Just turn away from her while continuing to dance and look at her out of the corner of your eye to see what she is going to do. You see, by hesitating at the end of a song, you force a direct confrontation on whether to dance to the next song. If you just keep on dancing into the next song, taking it for granted that she wants to dance again, you'll be more successful in keeping her out on the dance floor. The longer you dance with her the better your chances of getting to know her.