This is the preferred method for meeting topless dancers. Offer to buy her a drink instead of a table dance. When you buy a dancer a drink she will at least feel obligated to sit with you and talk. This is the key. Establish as much contact as possible - laughing, talking, flirting, having a good time with you. You've got to establish a friendship first and keep her mind off of making money off of you and treating you like a customer. Always buy drinks instead of table dances, if possible. If you just buy a dance, she's not likely to stay and talk to you very long because she will want to leave and go make some money. At least by buying her drinks she is more inclined to stay with you so you can start putting your moves on her.

At some point after you buy her drinks, she's going to hit you up for a table dance. Don't hold this against her, this is how she makes her money. Here's what your reply should be: "There's nothing more I would love than to have you dance for me but I do not want to be just another customer, I'm more interested in getting to know you better and become your friend. Look, I know the ropes of your business and I understand this is how you make your money, so if you need to leave and make some money I understand. Why don't you come back over here with me and party after you make some money?"

If she does come back over to you to be with you, things really look promising. This shows she's interested in you. If she doesn't come back, this may indicate that she's just interested in making money and not you.